Is YouTube Monetized in Samoa?

If your channel is based in Samoa, can you make money with YouTube monetization? Let’s find out.

YouTube monetization is not available in Samoa. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to get AdSense revenue in Samoa. Even if you change your channel’s country, Google AdSense will verify your actual address. Since your country of residence and your channel’s coutrny won’t match, you won’t be eligible. Entering fradulend information might lead to your channel’s being terminated, or have legal consequences.

Can You Monetize YouTube Shorts in Samoa?

Until YouTube monetization becomes available in Samoa, you won’t get any money from AdSense for views on your Shorts either.

Can I Make Money on YouTube in Samoa?

You can still make money on YouTube in Samoa, even if YouTube monetization is not avaible. Brand deals (or sponsorships), affiliate marketing and merch are very popular and viable options.

Why Isn’t YouTube Monetization Available in Samoa?

We don’t know exactly why YouTube doesn’t monetize channels in Samoa. But it’s usually because of specific laws in Samoa.

Also, the United States of America could have laws preventing (or making it hard) to have money exchanges with individuals based in Samoa.