Updated December 12, 2023

How Accurate Is The YouTube Monetization Checker?

Before November 17, 2023, YouTube allowed to easily check for the monetization status of a channel. You just had to check the channel page’s HTML source code, and search for the string “is_monetization_enabled”. If the value is true, the channel is monetized, else it’s not.

Since then, YouTube removed this string in the source code, and we have to use alternate methods to determine a channel’s monetization status.

These alternate methods include:

  • Checking the number of subscribers of a channel
  • Checking if the channel has a “Join” button
  • Checking how many regular videos there are on a channel, and assess how many of those are monetized vs not monetized

But unless a channel is unequivocally monetized or not monetized, our YouTube Monetization Checker might not always be accurate.

🚨 Please beware: some other tools might give you a result that looks 100% irrefutable, when there’s actually not enough unequivocal data to be certain of a channel’s monetization status. If they don’t explain how they determined the monetization status of a channel, double-check their results on other tools.

Besides this, here are a few more reasons why the results from the monetization checker might be inaccurate or become unavailable:

YouTube changed the HTML of its pages, or removed information from the HTML.The tool can no longer find the information it’s looking for in the HTML.
The channel is not monetized but has a lot of its videos monetized by third parties (e.g. cover bands, …)When that happens, the tool might wrongfully display that the channel is (probably) monetized.
The channel only publishes Shorts (or very few regular videos)It’s impossible to assess the monetization status of a channel solely based on Shorts.

These are just a few examples, and more unforeseen events or changes might lead to inaccurate results.

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