YouTube Earnings Calculator

Estimate Your YouTube Channel Earnings Potential

With regular views and Shorts views, a channel can earn about $0.00 (assuming a $ RPM for regular videos and a $ RPM for Shorts).

YouTube continues to be a lucrative platform for creators. But the big question is – how much can you actually earn? This earnings calculator tool does the math for you, giving you a realistic estimate of your potential income based on your niche, regular views, and Shorts views.

How the Calculator Works

This YouTube earnings calculator uses a few simple data points to provide insight into your channel’s earning potential:

  • Regular Video Views: Enter your average monthly views.
  • Shorts Views: Add your average monthly Shorts views.
  • Channel Topic: Select your channel’s main niche from the dropdown menu.

Once you input this data, the calculator uses first-party data from our channels and known industry averages for RPM (revenue per mille, or per thousand views) to give you a monthly earnings estimate.

Why Channel Topic Matters

YouTube earnings aren’t created equal across all niches. The calculator uses RPM data tailored to various categories including:

  • Music
  • Entertainment
  • Pets & Animals
  • Gaming
  • People & Blogs
  • How-to & Style
  • Education
  • Digital Marketing
  • Finance

How to Use this Earnings Calculator

Here’s how to make the most of this tool:

  1. Gather your data: Know your average monthly views for both regular videos and Shorts.
  2. Be honest about your niche: Accurately selecting your niche ensures realistic results.
  3. Understand this is an estimate: RPMs can fluctuate, treat the result as a starting point for your earnings potential.

Important Notes

  • This calculator provides a baseline estimate; your actual earnings could be higher or lower.
  • Factors like watch time, video length, viewers geography and advertiser rates on your content can all impact revenue.

Try the YouTube earnings calculator yourself, and get a clearer picture of your channel’s potential!