How To Make Money on YouTube Without Monetization

You can make money on YouTube without monetization by exploring alternative methods such as affiliate marketing, sponsorships, merchandise sales, crowdfunding, paid courses, e-books, and offering consulting or freelance services.

Affiliate Marketing

Partner with companies and promote their products in your videos. When your viewers make a purchase through your affiliate links, you’ll earn a commission.

Put your affiliate links in the description of your videos, and in a pinned comment.


Connect with brands that align with your channel’s niche and create sponsored content. You’ll be paid a set amount or earn a share of the revenue generated from the collaboration.

Try to make it as entertaining and relevant to your audience as possible.

Merchandise Sales

Create and sell custom merchandise to your audience, like t-shirts, hats, or stickers. Set up an online store and promote your products in your videos.

Here are a few options:

  • Spring (previously Teespring) and Bonfire both provide YouTube Merch Shelf integration
  • Etsy and Shopify are popular options if you want to have your own e-commerce website
  • Printful allows you to design and sell custom products online with print-on-demand dropshipping.


Use platforms like Patreon, Ko-fi, or Buy Me a Coffee to receive financial support from your fans in exchange for exclusive content or other perks.

Paid Courses and E-books

Share your expertise by creating and selling online courses or e-books. This is an excellent way to generate passive income and establish yourself as an authority in your field.

Consulting and Freelance Services

Offer your skills as a consultant or freelancer. You can provide video editing, graphic design, or social media management services to clients and earn income outside of YouTube.

Wrapping Up

So, who said you can’t make bank on YouTube without monetization?

Unleash your creativity and hustle, because these alternative methods are your ticket to success. Now, go out there and show ’em who’s boss! 💪🎬💰