Is YouTube Monetized in Costa Rica?

If your channel is based in Costa Rica, can you make money with YouTube monetization? Let’s find out.

YouTube monetization is available in Costa Rica. As soon as your channel meets the monetization threshold and requirements, it will qualify to be accepted in the YouTube Partner Program. Once YouTube reviews and accept your application, your channel in Costa Rica is monetized with Google AdSense.

How Much Does YouTube Pay For 1M Views In Costa Rica?

The amount YouTube pays for views depends on the viewers’ country, your channel’s country, and your channel topic.

Even between videos, the RPM can vary a lot – it depends on the videos’ subjects and main keywords.

That being said, most channels (based in Costa Rica or otherwise) have a RPM of between $0.50 and $20.00, with an average of around $3.

So YouTube will pay your channel in Costa Rica between $500 and $20,000 for 1 million views (the average being around $3,000).

Can You Monetize YouTube Shorts in Costa Rica?

You’ll be able to monetize YouTube Shorts in Costa Rica as soon as YouTube flips the Shorts monetization flip, which will happen on February 1, 2023 (source)