How to Fix “Your Channel Has Lost Access to Advanced Features”

YouTube has implemented measures to ensure positive channel behavior. In some instances, dormant channels may face restrictions on advanced features due to past violations.

In this blog post, we delve into the implications of these restrictions and provide advice on how dormant channels can regain access to advanced features.

Key Takeaways

  • Dormant YouTube channels may face restrictions on advanced features due to past violations, even if the content is no longer active.
  • The loss of access to advanced features includes limitations on daily live streams, Shorts, and video uploads, as well as the inability to embed live streams, pin comments, or add external links to video descriptions.
  • To restore access to advanced features, dormant channels can focus on building a positive channel history by adhering to YouTube’s Community Guidelines or explore options for video or ID verification.

Unraveling the Impact of YouTube’s Restrictions

1. Scrutiny on Dormant Channels

YouTube’s commitment to maintaining a safe community environment has led to increased scrutiny on dormant channels.

Past violations, even if the channel has been inactive for an extended period, are now being considered when determining access to advanced features.

2. Addressing Past Violations

It is crucial for content creators to be mindful of past channel behavior.

Even if a channel has not been active for a while, any history of spam, copyright infringement, or community guideline violations might impact access to advanced features.

3. Restricted Advanced Features

Channels facing restrictions will notice limitations on daily activities.

Advanced features, such as higher daily limits for live streams, Shorts, and video uploads, are temporarily inaccessible.

Additionally, embedding live streams, pinning comments, and adding external links to video descriptions will not be available during this time.

Advice for Dormant Channels

1. Reflect on Channel Behavior

If you have a dormant channel or are considering reactivating it in the future, take time to review past content and ensure it aligns with YouTube’s guidelines.

Identifying and rectifying any past violations can contribute to a more positive channel history.

2. Uphold Community Guidelines

Commit to YouTube’s Community Guidelines in any future channel activity.

By fostering a supportive and respectful environment, you not only enhance the community’s experience but also demonstrate your dedication to complying with YouTube’s policies.

3. Consider Verification Options

For dormant channels seeking quicker access to advanced features, verification processes such as video or ID verification may be available.

These measures can help validate the authenticity of the channel and its content.


Remember, building a positive channel history and promoting a safe community are pivotal in maintaining a successful and engaging presence on YouTube.